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 案例类型  / 住宅

 项目位置  / 现代园墅

 项目面积  / 360㎡  

 设计主创  / 冯蕾

 深化设计  / 何国军

 设计时间  / 2019年

【 言 】 


With the baptism of time, people's lives are more and more like simple and simple。 For the decoration of the house, they prefer a simple and rustic style。 The home is a place where people can relax and relax。 How to relax when you get home is also important。


The case is based on modern style, blended into the new Chinese style, and engraved a period of historical memory. The design has no redundant and redundant hue and decoration, allowing poetic and elegance to return to the theme of life. His attitude and understanding of quality are interpreted in a clear and soft tone. When people are in it, they can deeply perceive the rich spirit of this family.




The hallway on the first floor does not design a hallway or cover separately. We follow the large space concept of the desktop and return the space to life. The color scheme of this case mixes gilt gold, wood gray and black and white gray to release the tranquility and elegance that reach people's hearts.


The rhombus-shaped floor tiles are more artistic and fashionable, and the artistic decorations on the walls bring visual dispersion。 Together with various elements, it creates a natural and comfortable space combination。

一楼客餐厅|First Floor Restaurant



The guest restaurant in this case is designed in the same space as the guest restaurant, effectively achieving functional division, transparent from north to south, and excellent natural light。 Focus on the integration of fashion elements and rustic feeling, and inject the exquisiteness and elegance of life into the space。 Using simple methods to create interiors, it also requires us to have high design literacy and practical experience in the design process。

需要深入生活、反复思考、仔细推敲、精心提炼,运用最少的设计语言,表达出最深的设计内涵。灰色大理石搭配木质家具 ,显得成熟稳重。茶室在顶面进行了区分,用木质吊顶和木质装饰架形成一体的感觉。

The color of the stable atmosphere, the dark tone, the combination of tough stone and soft and hard bag shapes, show the high-end living style。 The intersection of light and shadow presented by the overall light source and the wall materials creates a quiet and long home atmosphere。

主卧|Master bedroom


The master bedroom continues the tone of the guest restaurant. A whole custom TV cabinet background wall is used as the color palette of the space. Life always has to give yourself a little surprise and warmth in ordinary life. The quiet and elegant gold-gray tone, the light-colored imitation wood grain brick and walnut-colored furniture embellish the master bedroom space, letting the space in the high and cold minimalist, pull back the warm family comfort.


Through the transformation of spatial lines, rigidity and softness are combined; each part has unique elements, and the use of multiple collisions on all levels creates unexpected surprises.

女儿房|Daughter's room


Morandi's pink + white + gray wood color daughter room uses a more lively design, using patterns and color combinations to render a sweet and warm atmosphere, giving a soft and tranquil beauty. The warm wooden floor, the ultimate comfortable life, the exquisite layout, outlines the beauty of rich levels.


The essence of Morandi's color matching is that a certain proportion of grayscale is added to the color, so that the original strong and dense colors are softly and elegantly blended together. The smoke pink is more elegant and pure than the peach pink, and the cool gray wood color matches the face value.

地下接待室|Basement Reception Room


The underground modern Chinese-style reception hall is expensive and simple, its style is elegant and rustic, its colors are stable and mature, its layout is harmonious with yin and yang, and its flavor is strong and long. It fully reflects the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics, removes extra carvings, and combines the comfort and simplicity of modern homes Create a space full of traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people.


In this place where family time words are shared or guests are received, a sense of tranquility and calmness is needed so that people will not be impatient. The oriental precipitation and ancient charm that are unique to Chinese styles often make people feel calm and relaxed. Independence Island designed reading, tea, and family time. In his spare time, he settled his soul and felt peace in the painting and painting.

地下茶室|Basement Reception Room



This case combines the underground reception room and tea room, a practical space that integrates multiple functions such as study, reception room, lounge, restaurant, etc. By changing the traditional layout, the room is more three-dimensional and layered, and the space is effectively used. Achieve "one room and multiple uses" function. 


Antique furniture, ink marble tiles, landscape paintings, exquisite tea sets, porcelain and antiques, a book full of ink fragrance ... cleverly blending together, it renders a gentle harmony and taste Vigorous mood.
























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